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Portable Bluetooth Speakers for New Dimensions of Sound

Elevate your listening experience with JBL's exquisite range of portable wireless Bluetooth® speakers. Designed for music lovers of all stripes, these Bluetooth speakers redefine what it means to take your music on the go. Whether you’re planning for a party or organising a beachside BBQ, JBL delivers the best in big, bold, vibrant audio that makes us the go-to choice for portable speakers in Malaysia.

Flawless Playback Anywhere in the World

JBL Bluetooth speakers offer more than just playback; they provide an immersive sound experience fine-tuned with original JBL Pro Sound. PartyBoost features allow you to pair up to 100 speakers compatible with JBL PartyBoost for a louder, richer volume perfect for outdoor events. Enhanced battery life with hours of playtime effortlessly drowns out the world around you, so you can dance, sing, and party for as long as you like. Integrated lights in selected models sync to your music as it plays, upping the ante and taking your party to the next level.

For those seeking a compact companion to accompany them at home across the world, there’s the JBL Charge 5. A small, lightweight build conceals the unparalleled audio experience within, complete with separate tweeter and dual JBL bass radiators for full, clear audio. Not to forget the JBL Flip 6, which comes equipped with a two-way speaker system with racetrack-shaped driver for the best audio clarity possible. Waterproof, dustproof, and ultra-portable, you can now enjoy your favourite playlists and tunes even when you’re chilling by the pool or on the beach!

Browse and buy JBL Malaysia’s full range of wireless Bluetooth speakers online, and discover new ways to experience true, authentic sound.

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Bluetooth Speakers

What are the advantages of using a portable Bluetooth speaker?

Portable Bluetooth speakers provide the convenience of listening to your favourite tunes anywhere you go. They offer quality sound, easy setup, and can often be waterproof and rugged for outdoor use. Mini builds like the JBL Clip 4 are also super portable so you can enjoy the freshest timbres and deepest bass notes from out of your pocket.

Can I use a JBL Bluetooth® speaker with any device?

Yes, JBL Bluetooth® speakers are compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth®-enabled devices, making them incredibly versatile.

How far can I be from my JBL Bluetooth speaker and still maintain a connection?

The typical range for a Bluetooth connection in a JBL portable speaker is around 33 feet or 10 metres. However, this can vary depending on the model and any physical obstructions such as concrete walls. You are advised to check the specific connectivity range in the model description before purchasing your speaker.

Are portable JBL Bluetooth speakers waterproof?

Many JBL portable Bluetooth speakers, like the JBL Flip 6 and JBL Charge 5, come with a waterproof rating, making them perfect for beach outings or poolside parties.

Can I connect multiple JBL Bluetooth speakers for a louder sound?

Yes, some JBL portable speaker models offer the ability to connect multiple speakers via PartyBoostfor a more robust audio experience. Look out for PartyBoost in the product listing to enjoy this advanced feature!

What should I consider when buying a portable Bluetooth speaker?

Key factors to consider when buying a portable Bluetooth speaker include sound quality, battery life, size, and fidelity. Additional features that can further enhance your audio listening experience include water resistance for outdoor events, and the ability to sync multiple speakers for custom audio immersion.