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Unleash Superior Sound with JBL’s Home Sound Systems

Elevate your home audio by buying JBL’s range of home entertainment sound systems, includingsoundbars with subwoofersandBluetooth speakers. Ideal for everything from jamming out to your favourite tunes to getting lost in the latest blockbuster, JBL combines high-quality performance, sleek designs, innovative technology, and competitive pricing to meet all your home audio needs.

Feel the Beat with JBL Home Audio Speakers

Experience every beat and tune in breathtaking detail with JBL’s high-end home audio systems. These sophisticated sound setups are designed to envelop your entire home in rich, resonant sound, transforming how you listen to music and enjoy every note.

Enjoy Entertainment Like Never Before

Dive into cinematic excellence with JBL’s home theatre speakers, equipped with Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X technologies. These features, along with JBL’s MultiBeam™ technology, create an expansive 3D surround sound environment that mimics theatre-quality audio. Whether you're watching the latest movies or revisiting classics, immerse yourself fully with sounds that move around you, offering a truly captivating home theatre experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About JBL Home Audio Speakers

How do I set up my JBL home audio system for optimal performance?

To ensure optimal performance from your JBL home audio products, you should position the main speakers at ear level and spaced evenly from your primary listening area.

You should also connect your devices using high-quality cables, ensure all connections are secure, and adjust your system’s settings using the built-in calibration tools to match your room’s acoustics.

Regularly updating the firmware can also improve performance and add new features when available.

What are the best placement practices for JBL speakers in a home audio setup?

The best placement for JBL speakers in a home audio setup depends on the room’s layout and acoustics. Generally, place the speakers at ear height when seated and angle them slightly towards the listening area for a more direct sound.

For surround sound systems or home theatre systems, place the rear speakers behind the listening area and the subwoofer at the room's front corner to maximise bass efficiency and minimise distortion.

Can I connect multiple JBL speakers together for a multi-room audio experience?

Yes, many JBL speakers support wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which allow you to connect multiple speakers across different rooms. Using the JBL One app, you can synchronise compatible JBL home speakers to create a seamless multi-room listening experience.

What are the compatibility requirements for integrating JBL home audio with smart home devices?

Integrating JBL home audio with smart home devices typically requires a compatible smart speaker or hub that supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit. Ensure that both your JBL sound system and smart devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and use the corresponding app to manage connections and settings. However, this compatibility can vary depending on the home speaker model you are buying, so check product specifications for detailed integration options.

How do I control my JBL home audio system remotely via smartphone or voice commands?

To control your JBL home audio system remotely, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can then use the JBL One app to manage settings, play audio, or link other devices.

For voice commands, you must integrate your JBL sound system with a compatible voice assistant device. This setup allows you to perform functions such as volume adjustment, playback control, and more using voice commands.

How do I calibrate the audio output of my JBL home theatre system for immersive sound?

Getting the perfect sound setup takes a little fine-tuning. For optimal performance, you'll want to adjust your speaker levels, distances, and other acoustic settings to match your room's unique layout. Many JBL soundbars feature a built-in auto-calibration tool that simplifies this process – just follow the instructions in your product manual for easy setup. 

If you don't have auto-calibration, you can still achieve great results by using a sound meter app or an SPL meter to measure sound levels and adjust your speakers accordingly.