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Unleash the Full Power of Sound with JBL TWS Earbuds 

Wired earphones cramping your style and the comfort of your experience? Liberate your audio journey with JBL's TWS earbuds. From hours-on-end of comfortable music playback to crystal-clear calls, JBL brings the best quality and comfort into every aspect of your audio enjoyment.

Stay Connected with TWS Bluetooth Earphones

With JBL’s TWS earbuds, you can pair swiftly with any Bluetooth device, making it effortless to groove to your favourite playlist wherever life takes you.

Break Free with True Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Built with Active Noise Cancelling technology, many of JBL’s TWS earbuds fully filter out distractions, enabling you to immerse in your favourite tunes and feel the beat while muting the noise.

Find Your Perfect Audio Companion

Whether you’re a game aficionado craving a quality headset or a gym enthusiast seeking true wireless sports earbuds with Bluetooth to power up your workouts, JBL readily delivers. Explore JBL Malaysia’s headphones and TWS earphones and buy your best fit today to unlock a new audio nirvana.

Frequently Asked Questions About JBL’s TWS Earbuds

What are TWS earbuds?

TWS (true wireless stereo) earbuds, such as the latest JBL Tour Pro 2, consist of two separate earbuds that enable you to enjoy stereo music and connect wirelessly to a Bluetooth-enabled device. This makes them among the best earbuds for individuals with an active lifestyle or those seeking unencumbered audio enjoyment.

How to connect JBL earbuds?

To connect your JBL TWS earbuds, press and hold its Bluetooth button until you see a flashing light, indicating that your earbuds’ pairing mode has been activated. Thereafter, you can navigate the Bluetooth settings on your specific device and locate and select the JBL earbuds to enjoy a seamless connection.

How should I be wearing my earbuds?

The ear tips of your JBL TWS earbuds should fit securely within the ear canals, remaining stable as you move. Twisting the earbuds back and forth twice or thrice can help you in securing them in position. You achieve a proper fit when your earbuds don't shift around while you're on the go.