Warranty & Service

 GBU Malaysia Terms and Conditions of Warranty

  • This limited warranty is valid only for GBU products purchased in Malaysia and is non-transferable.
  • This limited warranty is void if the factory-applied model and serial number are intentionally altered, modified or removed.
  • This limited warranty is VALID for warranty-registered GBU products or having valid Proof of Purchase.
  • GBU warrants that its products are free from defects in materials and workmanship and in conformity with respective specifications, for a period stated in the table below - counting from the date of delivery or date of purchase which is stated in Proof of Purchase.

    All Item comes with a 1-Year warranty. Kindly register the product at https://support.jbl.com/my/en/product-registration 



Warranty Period


Global Warranty


Soundbars / Subwoofer



Portable Speakers


Headphones / Earphones / True Wireless


Gaming Headphones / Speakers







  • GBU shall, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace products without charging any technical labour fee and repair parts cost to the customer if defects arise within the warranty period. Customers need to bring the products to GBU's authorized service centres within the warranty period. In case of repair or replacement, GBU shall own all the parts removed from the defective products. GBU may use new and/or reconditioned parts made by various manufacturers in performing warranty repairs and replacing products. Even if GBU repairs or replaces a product, its original stated warranty period is not extended.
  • With respect to all service provided, it is the customer's responsibility prior to product service to back up the contents of their hard drive/internal memory, where applicable, including any data they have stored or software they have installed on the hard drive/internal memory. It is likely that those contents of the hard drive/internal memory will be lost or reformatted in the course of service, and GBU will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of any programs, data, or other information stored on any media or any part of any product serviced hereunder or any consequential damages resulting from there.
  • If during the repair of products, the contents of the hard drive/internal memory are altered, deleted, or in any way modified, GBU is not responsible whatsoever. The product will be returned to the customer configured as originally purchased (subject to availability of software).
  • Customers must remove all third-party hardware, software, features, parts, options, alterations, and attachments not warranted by GBU prior to sending the product to GBU for service. GBU is not liable for any loss or damage to these items.
  • This warranty is limited and does not cover the following conditions, in addition to any consumable items supplied with the product, accessory products not contained within the product (such as straps, belts, fabric/silicone casings, etc.), cosmetic damages, and damage or defects resulting from misuse, abuse, or negligence, fire, water (excluding usage within waterproofing rating for waterproofed products), acts of nature, unauthorized repairs, modifications, or alterations:
    • Improper maintenance or repair, including the installation of parts or accessories that do not meet the quality and specifications of the original parts.
    • Misuse, abuse, neglect, and improper installation of the product.
    • Usage of incorrect electrical supply/voltage.
    • Usage that does not adhere to the instructions provided in the product's manual.
    • Accidental or intentional damages caused to the product.
    • Corrosion, rust, or stains that occur over time.
    • Normal wear and tear resulting from regular use.
    • Breakdowns caused by other appliances or external factors.
    • Damages incurred due to unsuitable packaging and/or shipment methods.
    • Damages resulting from natural disasters, acts of war, or public disturbances.
    • Repairs or alterations performed by an unauthorized agency. All repairs must be carried out by the authorized GBU Service Centres.
    • and any other exclusions as outlined in this Warranty Coverage for GBU products in Malaysia.