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Elevate Your Sound Experience with JBL Tour Pro 2 & JBL Tour One M2

by JBL Online Store 19 Jul 2023

Elevate Your Sound Experience with JBL Tour Pro 2 & JBL Tour One M2

The world is awash with sound, but with JBL Malaysia, you can be bold in your choice and decide what you want to listen to. Dive into a realm of unparalleled audio with the JBL Tour Series – presenting the latest and the smartest JBL Tour Pro 2 earbuds and JBL Tour One M2 headphones.

Your Sound, Unleashed: Meet The JBL Tour Pro 2

Stay in control of your rhythm with JBL Tour Pro 2 – the world’s first true wireless earbuds with a smart touchscreen case. Manage calls, skip tracks, monitor battery levels and set your alarm right from the screen. Expect a seamless audio experience without needing your smartphone!

Let JBL Tour Pro 2 turn any location into your very own private concert with True Adaptive Noise Cancelling and spatial audio features. This isn’t just sound; it’s sound that knows how to keep you grooving.

Connect easily and make the perfect call each time with an innovative 6-mic crystal call algorithm that cuts through the noise to give you crystal-clear audio.

After all, these true wireless earbuds aren't just about playing music; they're offering you an unforgettable auditory journey. So let the party continue with JBL Tour Pro 2’s 40-hour total music playback and Hi-Res Audio certified Legendary JBL PRO Sound!

Amplify Your Audio Adventure with the JBL Tour One M2

Looking for a new wireless over-ear headphone? The JBL Tour One M2 is what you need.

Indulge in lossless JBL spatial audio that amps up the Hi-Res Legendary JBL PRO sound experience. Boasting the capacity for a 50-hour total music playback, you are in for a musical ride into your favourite tunes.

This superior Bluetooth headphone doesn’t just raise the bar; it catapults it into a new dimension. With True Adaptive Noise Cancelling features, this headphone puts you in the driving seat of your sound experience.

Designed with comfort, portability, quality and convenience in mind, the Tour One M2 is a complete audio powerhouse for professionals and music lovers alike. Complete with a carrying case, aux-cable, flight adaptor and detachable ear cushion made of vent material, with the JBL Tour One M2, you’re not just hearing your music – you’re living it.

Hear It Here, There, Everywhere with Immersive Spatial Audio

Using state-of-the-art technology, both the JBL Tour Pro 2 and JBL Tour One M2 bring the invigorating energy of live music shows, the deep emotions of cinematic masterpieces and the sheer suspense of thrilling games straight to you. Enjoy the spatial audio feature, which gives you an all-round sound experience, easily transporting you to different dimensions of auditory pleasures.

Personalised Sound Experience with Personi-Fi 2.0 & JBL Headphones App

Step into a new era of personalised smart sound with Personi-Fi 2.0. This groundbreaking feature lets you tailor your audio experience to your unique preferences. Plus, the JBL Headphones App gives you complete control over your EQ, noise-cancelling levels, ambient sound control settings, and more.

Whether listening on wireless earbuds or hands-free Bluetooth headphones, this helpful app gives you complete freedom to customise your sound.

Streamlined Controls with Hands-Free Voice Assistance

With the JBL Tour One M2 and Tour Pro 2, you may say goodbye to manual operations and embrace voice-activated controls for your audio settings, phone calls, and even your smart home device commands.

Engage in a seamless interaction with your choice of Voice Assistant and encounter the future of technology at its finest.

Secure Connection with Swift Pairing

Eliminate the hurdles of traditional Bluetooth pairing so you can focus on your favourite tracks. With the Google Fast Pair and Multi-point connection features, connecting your headphones or earbuds to devices becomes a hassle-free process that promises to be swift and always compelling.

Grab Your JBL Tour Pro 2 & JBL Tour One M2 Today

Keep your eyes peeled as we unveil the release dates and launch pricing for the remarkable Tour Series on our JBL Malaysia website. With the JBL Tour One M2 headphones and JBL Tour Pro 2 earbuds, you'll be spoiled by superior sounds where innovation meets exceptional comfort.

Dare to embrace the extraordinary with JBL; dare to let your auditory senses relish in this smart sonic experience!

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