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Push play and vibe to the beat drops of your favourite tunes with the JBL Tour Pro 2. The ultimate audio gear designed around expression, these cutting-edge true wireless earbuds deliver anything-but-ordinary listening wherever you go. Ready to revel in a world of immersive sound?

Immerse Yourself in a Boundless Soundscape

Marrying the worlds of JBL's vivid audio quality with the liberation of true wireless earbuds, take a step towards sound without bounds with the JBL Tour Pro 2. With True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology, tune out external sounds and enjoy an all-around clear and vivid audio experience. In the heart of a busy city or during a loud commute, dive headfirst into an adventure crafted for those living life in the fast lane as your Tour Pro 2 adapts and delivers unfiltered sound.

Smart Convenience at Your Touch

The JBL Tour Pro 2 wireless earbuds are crafted to match your upbeat, on-the-move lifestyle. Featuring a smart charging case with an intuitive touch screen, control your audio world effortlessly without reaching for your smartphone. Manage playback and calls, adjust audio settings, and even monitor battery levels — all with a simple tap.

Celebrate the Sound in You

Don't settle for anything less than unrivalled sound quality. Dare to move towards brighter soundscapes with the JBL Tour Pro 2 earbuds. Equipped with advanced technology and solid specs, these earbuds ensure you can roam free while experiencing top-notch audio. 

Ready to snap up the latest true wireless earbuds, break free from the ordinary, and groove towards the extraordinary? Get your hands on the JBL Tour Pro 2 online at one of our authorised dealers in Malaysia. Experience the joy of owning your sound today.