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Step into an immersive soundscape with the JBL Tour One M2. More than a mere model in the realm of Bluetooth headphones, these wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones are built with music enthusiasts and professionals in mind, breathing new life into your audio experiences.

Be a Part of an Auditory Revolution 

Dive into the pinnacle of acoustic brilliance with the JBL Tour One M2. Powered by the iconic Pro Sound feature, the Tour One M2 delivers pure and unfiltered sound across all frequencies and volumes. With the JBL Tour One M2, it's not just about listening to music; it's about experiencing every note, beat, and harmony in a vibrant, all-encompassing panorama of sound.

Envision yourself at the heart of your favourite concert, theatre performance, or music studio. With the True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology, be free of distractions, and be a part of the sonic universe, living every moment of the music — uninterrupted. 

Built for an Uninterrupted Audio Experience

The JBL Tour One M2 marries a streamlined design with top-notch comfort. The ergonomic over-ear fit ensures long-lasting ease even during marathon listening sessions. Be it punchy bass tones or melodic electric ones, these noise-cancelling headphones redefine audio brilliance, flawlessly rendering vibrant and vivid sound, regardless of the genre or volume.

Secure Your JBL Tour One M2 Today

The JBL Tour One M2 takes your audio journey to new heights. Experience the harmonious blend of immersive sound and flawless noise cancellation like never before. Buy the JBL Tour One M2 online at any authorised dealer in Malaysia, and embark on a riveting auditory expedition with your new go-to over-ear headphones.